5 alarmMake your event memorable and enjoyable with a water slide rental from 5 Alarm Party Rental!

Summer days are so hot that many people simply avoid summertime activities, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are planning a big summer event, you can be sure of increasing attendance when you treat your guests to cool times with a giant water slide. Just think about it! Wouldn’t your next church, company or school activity be a lot more fun with a water slide? What about a graduation party or even an informal wedding? There’s no end to the refreshing fun you can have when you rent a water slide to liven up your party.

Is a water slide really right for any outdoor party?

There may be a few exceptions to the type of party that would benefit from a water slide, but they are few and far between. For the most part, if you are planning an outdoor event in the summertime, everyone will be glad you rented a water slide! There are all kinds of choices in water slides, so you can match any party theme. For example, if you will have lots of rugged, athletic types, you can’t go wrong with a Wild Rapids slide or a Shark Escape slide.

Little ones and less physically active types will enjoy a Dual Lane Slip & Slide that doesn’t require any ladder climbing. If you are planning a luau type event or a tropical wedding, why not rent a Tropical Paradise slide? This type of slide is truly attractive and will bring lots of fun and excitement to any tropical themed event.

What if one of my guests gets hurt on the slide?

Clean, sturdy, professionally set up, well maintained water slides are relatively safe. You can ensure your guests’ safety by selecting 5 Alarm Party Rental as your party equipment rental company. When you talk with our company representative, ask questions about how the equipment is cared for and cleaned. Find out how old the equipment is. Generally, ask any questions that come to mind in terms of any fears you may have about safety. Our representative is helpful, knowledgeable and eager to answer your questions.

Be sure to choose the right slide for your event!

5 Alarm Party Rental offers a lot of selection in water slides; therefore, you can make the safest and most enjoyable selection for your anticipated guests. Think about your guests’ ages and levels of ability and select accordingly. If you have a mixed crowd, you may wish to rent two smaller slides so that everyone can easily join in the fun. You might also think about setting up other water activities like kiddie pools, water balloon fights, sprinklers and so on. By applying a little thought and consideration to your choices, you can be sure that all of your guests will have the time of their lives at your water slide event, and they will do it safely.

Book your giant water slide today! Summer’s short and water slides are in great demand. If you want to get the perfect slide for your party, picnic or other event, you mustn’t dally! Call 5 Alarm Party Rental today! Have a look at our choices and discuss our terms so that you will be ready to book your reservations as soon as you set your party date. Make your party the coolest splash of the season with a giant water slide rental from 5 Alarm Party Rental!