5 Alarm Water SlideThe Memorial Day Celebration is just around the corner and it is very important that we remember our fallen heroes. This is a day that is etched in our history and we have to make sure that the celebrations befit the day. For those planning to hold this celebration, it is important that you consider adding inflatables and other equipment to the party. Kids love them and they will make the day worthwhile.

The inflatables and other party rentals include:

Trackless Trains and Hay Rides

Kids love trains and you can be assured that they will enjoy these. Trains are associated with adventure and you may even decide that they play cowboys and Indians to make the experience more exciting and entertaining. The trains can carry a couple of kids at the same time so many kids can play with the trains and there won’t be many arguments. The trains that are available include; hay ride and trackless trains that run on either gas or electric. You will therefore get to choose the train that you think your kids will enjoy most.

Obstacle Courses

Kids love to be challenged so long as the challenge is not too hard. Obstacle courses fit the perfect description when it comes to challenging kids. The obstacles are challenging but they are not very hard. The kids are therefore motivated to complete the course since they believe they can make it. The obstacle course is also great since kids get to play a variety of games and will not get bored quickly. The obstacle courses vary in size with some as small as 18 ft and others are large as 74 ft. You will easily get a size that you feel suits you.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical bulls are so much fun to play with and they will add excitement to your Memorial Day Celebration. Everybody will be around the bull and people will get to cheer as various people ride the bull. Only one person at a time can ride the bull and this makes the mechanical bull even more exciting.


No party would be complete without slides. Kids love slides and some of them may even want to spend the whole day there playing with them. The slides differ a lot and you will be spoiled for choice. The slides have different designs and colors and some have dual lanes so that they can accommodate more than one person at a time. You can choose the bigger slides or smaller slides depending on the kids who will be attending the celebration.

Games and Dunk Tanks

The dunk tank will surely be a hit with the kids since they will get to wet the adults. Kids love making adults feel silly and this will be their chance to do so. Give them this opportunity and make their day. There is also the 6 in 1 sports game which ensures that all kids will get to enjoy the sports that they like even if they are very different. With this rental equipment, your Memorial Day Celebration will surely be a blast.