Easter 5 Alarm

Welcome to the wonderful festival of Easter bunnies and colorful eggs that decorate the interiors of your home. If you’re looking for ideas for Easter celebration at your place, there are plenty of activities you can get your entire family involved in. Right from fabricating stylish Easter costumes to sizing up wonderful Easter desserts, you’ll certainly have fun.

Easter celebrations are supposed to be about family love, aspirations, joy and plenty more. The Easter spirit shouldn’t stop you from trying something out of the box! This includes pitching in some ideas for your Easter menu, throwing in funky decorations and much more. Here are some fun filled ideas for your Easter celebration that should kick start your plans immediately –

1. Easter Egg Hunting

Whether or not you have an entire playfield at your disposal, the backyard is perfect for holding Easter egg hunting competition for the little ones. There are many families who love participating in such activities not just because the kids get a kick out of them but also because they’re exciting and give families an opportunity to bond. Get your set of maps and gears and seek out the hidden Easter eggs alongside several other goodies.

2. Easter Cards

Grab all the construction papers piled on the desk because you’ll be spending a lot of time making lovely Easter greeting cards to send to your family and friends. This is one of the best activities for little kids around the house who love coloring and drawing cute pictures. Easter greeting cards can be used as a way to invite guests to your home as well.

3. Decorative Easter Eggs

Probably one of the most interesting parts of Easter are the Easter eggs that you can decorate and place around the house. Place them as centerpieces in the dining hall or in holiday gift packages. Coloring Easter eggs is a lengthy yet colorful experience. Imagine hours of painting intricate designs on the Easter eggs alongside your children. Maybe you can tie a ribbon around a dyed Easter egg? Perhaps Easter eggs with nature imprints should be your style this year?

4. Decoupage

Easter eggs can also be designed with decoupage that looks wonderful during the festival. If you want to bring the holiday spirit back into the house, then grab hold of the most beautiful Easter eggs in line. Using a simple mixture of water and glue you can paste paper clippings or any other kind of design on the eggs for an innovative approach. You can even hold a party with an Easter bunny dressing theme!

5. Easter Snacks

Who wouldn’t love to munch on cute little gingerbread cookies shaped like bunny rabbits? Get a delicious menu of Easter goodies that can be part of a kid’s party or perhaps their lunch on a Friday afternoon. Bake Easter buns that you can serve with a wholesome dose of chocolate sauce or perhaps pastel  deviled eggs for breakfast are a better idea? An Easter theme for dinner is Mozzarella chicken served with tomato puree.