You can make the Christmas season livelier by throwing a memorable party for the whole family. Or better yet, why not  invite the entire neighborhood? But before you decide right away, make sure you know what you’re getting into and you’re up for the challenge. The task at hand is not easy as it seems. You need to fully prepare a few weeks in advance and make sure to include a lot of activities, especially for the kids.

To achieve the best possible result, make sure to prepare a lot of enjoyable Christmas party games for kids. A great idea would be to rent bouncy inflatables Tampa FL for them to be occupied in-between games. You can even do some or all of the activities you listed inside the inflatables to achieve the maximum effect.

Here are 3 of best game suggestions that the kids can easily play in the inflatables to double the fun:

Sack Relay Race: It’s hard enough to get to the end with a sack limiting your leg movements, so much more if this game is being played in an inflatable. But one thing is for sure, this will bring more laughs and fun to your party. As much as you and other grownups want to participate, please prioritize the kids.

Candy Cane Relay Race: Depending on how many children the inflatables Tampa FL you rented will accommodate, divide the children into equal groups to play this game. Provide each group with a candy cane each. The goal is to go over a designated maze and back with the candy canes freely hanging on their fingers (without using their thumb) and pass them to the next team member until all members have finished. The fastest team to finish wins the race. Once a player lets the cane fall, he needs to go back to the starting point and repeat the process. The game is best played with an Obstacle Course inflatable, though other types or a combination of two or more types will also do.

Pin The Nose On Rudolph: Instead of the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game, the game is modified to better-suit the Christmas season. And to make it a lot better, perform this Christmas game inside your rented inflatables Tampa FL. The rules are basically the same with the traditional game, though instead of using a tail, the blindfolded player will pin a “glowing nose” to a cutout of Rudolph’s body. And to level it up some more, make sure to distract the player attempting to pin the nose by making big movements inside the inflatable to throw him/her off-balance. This will surely generate double the laugh and excitement for everyone!

Your young guests, as well as the not-so-young ones, will be impressed and will surely enjoy these Christmas party games for kids you prepared. Just don’t be surprised if come next year they keep bugging you to once again host the party!