Monster Truck Bouncer (6)

If you live in Lakeland, Florida, then you’re one of the luckiest people on the planet. Why is that? Because you get the chance to throw a truly wild party which will definitely be forgotten very hardly by your guests. Have children attending the party? Then you have to prepare properly for the event. In this regard, here is 5 Alarm Party’s offer in regard to games and bounce houses Lakeland FL:

–Combos. Combos enable kids to experiment all the fun of bounce houses combined with multiple sports activities and different challenges for them to complete. They will certainly be entertained for long hours since they have the possibility to quickly switch from one activity to another. These bouncers get to test their sports and competition skills, all while they feel like they are in a whole another dimension. A dimension of fun.

Let the children get a glimpse of the Tropical Paradise or experiment the fun provided by a Car or Super Heroes model, all with our certified bouncer combos. If your backyard is large enough, then you can also opt for a 3-in-1 backyard combo which combines a huge bounce house with an innovative slide.

–Moonwalks. Moonwalks are by far one of the most entertaining bounce houses Lakeland FL, since they give children the opportunity to jump up for hours at a time. Benefiting from different themes such as Disneyland or Pirates, your kid will always feel surrounded by action. At the same time, he will feel like walking on the moon. Is your kid a fan of firefighters? If so, then he’ll definitely enjoy the Firemen theme Moonwalk. Are you celebrating someone’s birthday? Then you certainly can’t go wrong with the Happy Birthday animals theme Moonwalk. Additionally, we also offer Robocar theme moonwalks, pirates theme moonwalks, sports theme moonwalks, paradise moonwalks and many more. Every kid loves Disney characters, and that’s why we placed these in our offer too.

Pick the Disney Princess Bouncer, and the little girls will definitely enjoy jumping around for hours. The World of Disney Bouncer combines every character loved by the little ones with the fun offered by a mega bounce house. The Mickey Mouse Bouncer enables every kid to enter the wonderful world of Mickey and friends, while the Sponge Bob Bouncer enables kids to meet their favorite character every time they make a jump. Finally, the Monster Truck Bouncer brings all the entertainment provided by the giant car smashers along with an incredibly large jumping platform.

— Water Combos. Do you think that regular combos are not fun enough? If so, then why not let kids try the new and improved water combos? Being up to 27″ in length, these combos combine all the fun of jumps and slides with the thrill of water rides. The result is nothing short of amazing and grants several hours of fun at a time. No matter how long the party lasts for, kids will definitely crave for more.

Let the kids jump around in a wet bounce house and they will definitely have the fun of their lifetime. We offer a Cars Combo Wet, Super Heroes Combo Wet and even a huge 5-in-1 Disney Fairies Combo Wet, which combines a large fairy-themed bounce house with a climbing wall and an inner basketball area.

These are the main party rental options offered by 5 Alarm Party. Prices are extremely competitive, so don’t hesitate to book right now!