Church is one of those places that people go to seek spiritual knowledge and comfort. A majority of the people are members of a certain church and this is a testament as to how important religion is to our lives. Apart from the spiritual nourishment that people get from the churches, a good number of them also get to make friends with members of the churches which they attend. Some of them become active to a point of doing charity activities outside the church and this eventually makes them a family. Considering that people go to church mainly to focus on spiritual matters, they may not be able to socialize to a point where they are able to learn much about each other. This is why it is important for them to come up with activities which are bound to help church members to socialize. One such idea is when they decide to organize church picnics. This is a great idea during summer or spring season when the weather is warm. There are several ideas that one can work with when it comes to organizing such an event and here are a few:

1. Potluck Lunch

One thing that most picnics have in common is the fact that people have to eat. Once you have settled on a good outdoor location for the picnic, you have to organize what the church members who attend the picnic will eat. A good way to do it is to organize a potluck lun20x20ch where all the members bring something from their homes which they can share with the rest of the members. Each member is encouraged to bring extra food in case the picnic attracts more people. The food is then placed in one area and the members get to serve what they like on their plate. This is quite a good lesson when it comes to sharing. If you are the person in charge of organizing the picnic, you may also need to rent chairs, tables and tents which will be used to seat the congregation outdoors.

2. Bible Games

You can also make bible games a part of church picnics. As much as the idea here is for the guests to interact outside of the church environment, it does not mean that the whole spiritual nourishment idea should be abandoned. You can come up with a bible scavenger hunt where clues are placed around the picnic area in the form of bible verses. One can even decide to use bible stories to provide hints for the participants to make it more interesting. Set out to test their knowledge of the bible in a relaxed environment. The members can also be divided into two then asked to play charades based on bible stories.

3. Bounce House Rentals

The children need to be catered for when it comes to the church picnics. The kids also need fun activities to keep them busy when the adults are busy interacting with other adults. Bounce house rentals are a safe way for the kids to have fun without the adults having to worry about them.

If the duty of planning church picnics ever falls upon you, you can always pick on any of the above ideas to help you come up with a great event.