I had actually grown to hate Pinterest. My wife spent hours combing through the social media website. She found seemingly meaningless quote after meaningless quote, all of which she thought were incredibly funny. I just found it incredibly annoying. She would lean over every once in a while so I could look at what she thought was a “must see”. I usually rolled my eyes and went back to doing whatever it was that she wasn’t interested in participating in. Then it happened. I wasn’t expecting it. I came home one evening and found my wife had prepared a delicious looking and smelling meal. After diving in, I realized it tasted delicious too! That’s the moment I fell in love with Pinterest.

Biscuits covering meatballs

This weekend’s delicious looking dinner!

You see, my wife isn’t normally known for incredible cooking. In fact, she’s normally known for dreadful cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat it without complaining, but not because I want to. However, Pinterest has opened up a whole new world of cooking in my home. And for that, I’m extremely grateful!

Because I’ve loved the cooking so much, I’ve decided it’s worth sharing. It started off with a taco braid, and has progressed from there. In fact, this weekend, my wife says she’s planning on trying her hand at a meatball biscuit (meatballs with biscuits wrapped around them) that looks amazing.

While my wife may not be the greatest cook in the world, I’m extremely grateful that she found Pinterest recipes, and has decided to try them in our home. Thank you Pinterest!!!

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