Water Slide

Our popular water slide/slip and slide

Being in the party rental business, I’m admittedly a bit biased when it comes to party ideas. During the winter, I would recommend renting a moonwalk for most special occasions. Moonwalk rentals provide your family and friends with hours of hopping fun. However, during the summer, I recommend water slide rentals. Today I’ll give you 5 reasons you should rent a water slide this summer.

1) Vinyl can get hot. During the summer, it’s sometimes too hot to enjoy a moonwalk rental. However, the water on the water slide cools the vinyl down and provides for a cool, refreshing source of entertainment.

2) Water slides provide you and your guests with hours of slipping and sliding fun.

3) “Beat the Heat!” “Beat the Heat!” If you watched any NBA this season, you heard that chant across the league. We chant it for a different reason. Renting a water slide is a great way to literally¬† beat the heat!

4) Bring the fun and excitement of a water park to your own back yard. People flock to water parks every day. In order to have a party at a water park with more than just a few friends, you can expect to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Renting a water slide allows you to avoid the long lines of the water park, invite as many friends as you’d like, and still save tons of money!

5) They’re awesome! It’s just that simple.

For the best water slide rentals in Tampa, check out 5 Alarm Party Rentals. You can trust us when we’re giving you advice on how to beat the heat. Why? Because we’re owned and operated by a fire fighter.