transit of venus

transit of venus (Photo credit: Sumit)

I had a great time last night watching the Annular Eclipse. I enjoyed not only the beauty of the eclipse, but was happy to be able to take it all in with my family. My dad is one crazy dude! He ordered 100 pairs of eclipse glasses, and handed them out to everyone. I was thankful that he thought of it, because I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the eclipse without them. My son quickly became bored with the glasses and decided it would be fun to watch the eclipse with his bare eyes. I repeatedly told him to stop, and he repeatedly did what any 13-year-old boy would do…ignore me. He eventually stopped after I threatened to take away his i-pod.

I hope you kept your glasses. On June 5 (for those of us here in the US), you will have an opportunity to use them again for the Transit of Venus. Venus will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun. It doesn’t happen often, and won’t happen again in our lifetimes. According to scientists, the next time the Transit of Venus will occur will be in 2117. Who knew that those great eclipse glasses could get so much great use in such a short amount of time?

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