Mechanical Bull

Rent From A Company With Many Options Like Mechanical Bulls

You see them everywhere. Every weekend, there goes a truck with inflatable bounce houses inside. There are literally thousands of companies throughout the country (actually, there are probably thousands right here in Florida). Unfortunately, many of these companies attempt to scam the consumer by cutting potentially dangerous (and illegal) corners. Before you rent your next inflatable bounce house, make sure that you have satisfactorily answered the following questions.

1) Is the bounce house company I’m considering renting from both licensed and insured? This the most important question you must ask! If the answer is no, don’t rent from them. Getting insurance in the inflatable industry is not cheap. The majority of companies choose not to get insurance on their units which is illegal, and can put you and your loved ones at unnecessary risk. If you get nothing else from this blog, DON’T RENT FROM A COMPANY THAT IS NOT LICENSED AND INSURED!!!!

2) Do you know someone who has used them in the past? A large part of our industry comes from repeat customers. Companies that are doing what they are supposed to be doing, strive to make their repeat customers happy. We often offer repeat customer discounts. Why? Because we know that if we can treat all of our customers well, they are likely to tell their friends about the awesome service we provided at their last birthday party.

3) Along the same lines, have you heard any complaints about dirty units? Unfortunately, many companies that are trying to cut corners don’t properly clean and sanitize their units before and/or after each rental. Companies that are taking your business seriously (like 5 Alarm Party Rentals) will CLEAN AND SANITIZE EVERY UNIT, EVERY TIME!

4) How’s the selection? The majority of this industry consists of small companies with just a few inflatable units that they rent for extra cash on the weekends. They often hold full-time jobs during the week to help make ends meet. Larger companies have a great selection of units to choose from. From a large, reputable company, you can find everything from trackless trains to mechanical bulls for rent. Of course, larger companies also have great selections of inflatable bounce houses and water slides for rent as well.

5) How’s the quality? Good quality, thick nylon inflatable units are not cheap. You can see the quality sown right into the unit. Make sure that the company that you decide to rent from has a nice selection of high quality units for rent.

6) How’s the customer service? Customer service is everything. If you aren’t satisfied that you’re talking with someone who is taking your special occasion seriously, call around until you find someone who does. You will definitely be happy you did.

7) Bounce house, water slide, combo unit, obstacle course, interactive game? What do you want the theme of your party to be? There are so many choices, you can easily get overwhelmed. Have an idea of what you want to rent, find it, and rent it!

It’s official. You’re now a bounce house renting pro! Get satisfactory answers to all of the above questions and you won’t be disappointed.