Running Track and Cross Country is a Passion of My Son's

I played baseball from a very young age. From the time I was four years old, I was playing organized baseball. It was the only sport I played growing up. I loved it, and wanted to pass my love of baseball to my son. So, when he was old enough to start playing t-ball, I signed him up. He did well the first two seasons. Then, during one of his first practices of his first year in pitching machine, his coach threw him an inside pitch. My son swung, and the ball hit him in just the right place as to rip off his thumb nail. He was never the same. Although he completed the season, he hardly swung the bat at all, and only had one hit the entire season. He no longer enjoyed baseball (I’m pretty sure he never really liked it anyway). Although I wanted to live my dreams through my son, it was clear that I was going to have to create new dreams.

Flash forward five years. My son was ten years old, and began talking with a great friend of mine about long distance running. At the time, my friend was training for a half-marathon. He had ran for over twenty years, but had never entered an official race. My son said “I want to run a half-marathon.” So, without knowing anything about running, we signed my son up for his first half-marathon. He trained regularly, and we thought, “Wow, he’s actually pretty good at this.” On the day of his race, we weren’t sure what to expect. We told him to go out with my friend for as long as he could but be careful. With that, they were off. My son beat my friend to the halfway point, and then finished at about one hour and 48 minutes (for those of you like me who don’t know anything about running like me, that was a great time that most adults can’t even come close to competing with). He finished about one minute ahead of my friend. As he was running past us, all I could hear was people saying “Look at that little kid!” It was amazing.

Since that time, he’s been hooked on running. He’s now 13, and is one of the best runners for his age. Every time I go to a race to watch him run (which seems to be weekly), I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride in my son. He works hard, and never quits (quite the opposite of me). So, although he’s not living the dreams I had for him as a small child, he continues to show me new ways in which he is living the dreams I wish I had from the beginning. Sometimes, it’s really good to be a dad!

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