Madelyn Sleeping

Little Madelyn Doing What She Does Best...Sleeping

I find that I start to panic as my wife reads postings to me from the online “baby club” that she belongs to. The site is filled with mothers that brag about how special their children are. When Madelyn (the newest addition to our family) was five months old, one mom bragged that her daughter was walking. At that time, my daughter hadn’t even rolled over once, let alone thought about walking.

My wife and I looked frantically through our older children’s journals (we also have a 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter) and found that both were crawling by the time they were six months old. My daughter is now seven months old and has shown no signs of wanting to go anywhere. She lays on her back, and sometimes, if we’re lucky, rolls from her tummy to her back. That’s it. She’s definitely in no hurry to get anywhere.

Speaking of going somewhere, we took a trip to Dallas when our son was just learning how to walk. We stayed at a friend’s house, which was full of very expensive artwork. The day before we were scheduled to leave, my son tried to pull himself up while clutching onto a metal stand. On top of that metal stand was a piece of pottery, which came toppling to the ground, instantly breaking in half. Fortunately, we were only asked to pay for the repairs to the piece of pottery, not for a new piece all together (which I’m sure we would still be paying on to this day).

Or there was the time that my two year old daughter (now 10) plugged in the iron and put it face down on the coffee table while I was taking a nap (responsible parenting, I know, but I had just worked a graveyard shift the night before). Fortunately, nobody was hurt, other than the large iron shaped imprint that has lived on our coffee table to this day.

I’ve come to realize that when children start moving, they start getting hurt, or at least get themselves into potentially dangerous situations. So, as it stands right now, I’m glad my youngest daughter hasn’t decided to move. I know that every minute she decides not to crawl is another minute that she is safe and sound, right where I left her.


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